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Welcome to Moore County Hounds, the oldest recognized pack of foxhounds in North Carolina, and a symbol of tradition and camaraderie since 1914.  Nestled in scenic Southern Pines, our private foxhunting pack is renowned for the thrill of outdoor sporting life, the fun friendships, and the joy of watching our Penn-Marydel hounds in action.  Our hounds, with their great scenting ability and booming voices, are a testament to generations of careful breeding and training. 

Join us for the excitement, elegance, and the timeless pleasure of following a great pack of hounds.  Friends and family are welcome with Masters' permission.

Experience the Sandhills like never before, and become part of a legacy that celebrates the essence of fox-hunting, hounds, horses and the beautiful outdoors.  Your invitation to adventure awaits!

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Mailing: 135 W Illinois Ave, PMB 50, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Kennels: 946-A Sheldon Road

Southern Pines, NC 28387

(609) 560-2391


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