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Hunting with Moore County Hounds

New Invitations: We are a private pack. No one may hunt with Moore County Hounds without a written invitation, which is sent each year by the Masters.

Prior to riding with us, each person must have completed the following:

  1. Acknowledge your intention to hunt by acceptance of the invitation to hunt in writing for the current season.
  1. Complete and send to the Secretary, the current season’s Release of Liability Waiver including parental waiver for all juniors.
  1. Purchase a current North Carolina Hunting License and a North Carolina Game- lands stamp if you plan to hunt in Hoffman. The Lifetime NC Hunting License is a great option and saves you time and money if you plan to hunt long term.
  1. A current negative Coggins for each horse is required.

We are a private pack:  Those who are invited to hunt should feel an obligation to financially support the hounds. 

Roading: No one without an invitation from the previous season may ride with the hounds during Roading. Guests are permitted as long as they are accompanied by a member.

Hunting Seasons: Our Hunting Season begins in informal dress, “Ratcatcher”, in October with Fall Hunting. Opening Meet is held on Thanksgiving Day at Lyell’s Meadow. Meets are on the Fixture card, which is mailed out with invitations and a second Fixture Card is mailed out mid-season. Bye day information is on the Hunt recorder and dress is Ratcatcher attire.

Meet Location / Fixature Card:  Check your fixture card and hunt recorder for final locations.

  • Walthour Moss Foundation: Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays | Junior Hunts (Holiday Season)
  • Hoffman: Mondays & Bye Days


  • After Opening Hunt: Formal
  • Mondays & Bye Days: Ratctcher
  • Domaine de la Coharie: Ratcatcher

Guests (of Regular Members)

  • Friends and family are welcome with Masters' permission prior to meet.
  • Guests must have signed Liability Release.
  • Introduce your guest to the Masters at the meet.
Capping Fees: Subject to change without prior notice

Fall Hunting-------------------------------------------------------$60

Limited to 3 meets per season.

Must be accompanied by Host/Hostess.

Formal Season----------------------------------------------------$100

Limited to 3 meets per season.

Must be accompanied by Host/Hostess.


No meet limit. Must be under adult supervision.

Must have liability release signed by legal guardian.

Active Duty Military--------------------------------------------$0

No meet limit.

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