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History of Moore County Hounds

Why do we hunt?

To enjoy outdoor sporting life, friendships, watching the hounds do what they are bred to do, and sometimes the thrill of riding fast on a great horse.

One of the Oldest Hunts in America

Moore County Hounds is the oldest recognized pack of foxhounds in North Carolina and one of only a few remaining private packs. It was founded by Jim and Jack Boyd in Southern Pines, NC in 1914. The original kennels were located at Weymouth House. The Moore County Hounds was registered with the MFHA in 1921. We still hunt from some of the same meets that were used back when the Boyd’s started the hunt: Reynard’s Ridge & The Pastures (originally called Paddock Junior).

Except for a short period of time during World War I, the Boyd brothers hunted their hounds until 1942. At the onset of World War II, the Boyd’s gave the Moore County Hounds to Mr. & Mrs. W.O. Moss. In the mid 1940’s, the Pappy Moss purchased his land a mile from town, and built Mile Away Farm and the MCH Kennels. As a team, Gin- nie and Pappy Moss hunted and bred their pack of Crossbred hounds. They were mostly tri-color and were descended from English hounds, then crossed with other hound breeds to enhance voice, nose, biddability, color and size.

After each hunting season, Ginnie Moss completed with the Moore County Hounds at hound shows up and down the East coast. Over the years, the Moore County Hounds won or retired every Crossbred hound championship trophy at the different hound shows, to include the Virginia and Bryn Mawr Hound Shows.

In 1976, after Pappy’s death, Ginnie Moss hunted the hounds for several years. Don Fulmer hunted the hounds for a short period of time. In December 1984, Clive Rose be- came the professional huntsman and remained until his retirement. He was followed by Duncan Stewart who was huntsman until 2006. In 2006, Jody Murtagh became the professional huntsman, and brought 15 couple of Penn-Marydel hounds to Moore County. This is the origin of the pack which hunts so successfully in the Sandhills today. Today’s pack is known for having great scenting ability, and booming voices. From 2010 – 2016, David Raley was the professional huntsman and continued the focus on Penn-Marydel breeding & training. In 2016, Lincoln Sadler assumed the professional huntsman’s position. 

Mailing: 135 W Illinois Ave, PMB 50, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Kennels: 946-A Sheldon Road

Southern Pines, NC 28387

(609) 560-2391


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