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Photograph by Ted Fitzgerald/The Pilot

Lincoln Sadler is the huntsman for Moore County Hounds, a position he assumed in 2016, after retiring as a state wildlife biologist.  A native of Moore County and a lifelong foxhunter, Sadler is known for his deep connection with the hounds, intuitive game sense, and a thorough understanding of hunt countries.  

Sadler chooses his hounds from the kennels for each hunt, based on several factors: weather, the terrain and specific needs of the day. 

He knows each hound intimately, recognizing them by sight and sound, realizing that while they hunt as a pack some hounds have "wisdom taught by experience gained” and can excel in certain conditions.   

His expertise extends to breeding, as he oversees the Moore County Hounds breeding program, aiming to introduce about 10 new hounds to the pack every season. Sadler's focus on preserving the hounds' drive, voice and has resulted in a pack known for its great scenting ability and beautiful music when in full cry.

Sadler also participates in hound shows, where the Moore County Hounds competes successfully against other Penn-Marydel packs. He values these shows for the opportunity to gauge his pack against others and friendly competition with fellow huntsmen.

In addition to his responsibilities during the hunting season, Sadler spends time with the hounds in the off-season, walking to a large field, allowing the pack to enjoy chasing swallows and a romp in the pond. This is also the time for the young hounds to learn new commands and to work as a pack.

His philosophy of hound management emphasizes consistency and quality time, "The more time you spend with your hounds, the more you get out of them."

Under Sadler's guidance, the Moore County Hounds continue to thrive, hunting as fast as their noses allow and providing thrilling chases. His respect for tradition, deep understanding of the hounds, and commitment to the sport make him a vital part of the Moore County Hounds community. Whether on the hunt, or in the show ring , Sadler's leadership ensures that the hounds are always ready for the next adventure.

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Kennels: 946-A Sheldon Road

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