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The Hounds of Moore County: A Lasting Legacy of Excellence

The Moore County Hounds are celebrated not only for their hunting prowess but also for their remarkable achievements at hound shows. With numerous wins and accolades, they have become a symbol of excellence in the world of foxhunting.

Led by professional huntsman Lincoln Sadler, the hounds are an American breed called Penn-Marydels, known for their great scenting ability and booming voices. The current pack, started in 2007, has consistently demonstrated their skill and dedication, earning top honors at various hound shows.

A respected hound named Yahtzee often leads the pack, honored by his fellow hounds for his authority and intensity. His leadership, along with the collective strength of the pack, has contributed to their success both in the field and in competition.

Drag scenting for a live pack can be challenging, but the Moore County Hounds have proven their ability to run strong and true. Last year, Lincoln Sadler tweaked the traditional prepared scent with his secret concoction, resulting in a powerful run that resonated with spectators.

The hounds are counted as couples, and Sadler brings roughly 30 couples each year. They are named uniquely, with litters sharing the same first letter of their names, working through the alphabet like naming hurricanes.

The Moore County Hounds are more than just a pack; they are a legacy of excellence and victory, a symbol of the rich equestrian heritage of North Carolina, and a testament to the skill, passion, and tradition that define the Moore County Hounds.

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