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Hunting Customs Etiquette

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Field Riding Etiquette

Absolutely no Smoking or Drinking is Permitted

Riding etiquette is determined in large part due to the type of terrain over which the Moore county Hounds ride.

  1. Riders with MCH Colors, who are jumping, ride in the first or second flight behind the Field Master.  Do not go around the jumps in the first flight and only jump when the Field Master chooses to do so.  If your horse refuses or misbehaves, wait until the entire jumping field has passed before attempting to jump again.  Rejoin the field at the rear.  Please do not ride past other hunters to get to the front of the field. 
  2. Riders without MCH Colors, who are jumping, ride behind riders with colors, unless invited to do otherwise.
  3. Riders who are not jumping ride at the rear of the Second Flight or with the Hill Toppers
Riding & Horses
  1. Keep a safe distance from the horse in front. If the field stops after a fence, wait un til there is a safe distance before jumping.
  2. Do not allow your horse to “nose” or touch another horse in the field, at the Meet or at a Check.
  3. If you fall, or in some other way cannot continue, go to the rear of your field when you have corrected the problem. Do not return to your former place by passing riders who are now in front. This applies to the Hill Toppers field as well as the First Field. If you are late to the Meet, stay at the rear of the Field.
  4. Show respect to all our landowners. Report any damage done to the land or to the fences immediately to the Masters.
  5. If your horse has ever kicked another horse in the Field or, if you think that your horse might kick, it is mandatory that a red ribbon be placed prominently in the tail.
  6. Do not gallop or move past the horse in front of you without their knowledge and permission before passing.
  7. Notify the Masters of any and all problems.
  8. Cell phones should be turned off and only used in an emergency.
  9. Please keep conversation at a minimum when hounds are drawing or being called in.
Hounds & Staff
  1. When arriving at the Meet, say “Good Morning” to the Masters. At the end of the day say “Good Night” to the Masters and Staff.
  2. Do not “coffeehouse” with the Staff at the meet. Never ride between the Huntsman, Staff and Hounds.
  3. When the Masters, Huntsman or Staff must pass through the field, you will be directed to:
  4. Step off the trail and turn your horse’s head to the Staff.
  5. When it is not possible to get off trail, walk forward steadily. Do Not Stop as you pass those going the other way. Turn and follow, only when you have plenty of room.
  6. Do not allow your horse to step on or kick a hound. Any horse that kicks at hounds will be asked to leave the field. Please advise the Masters when the hound is hurt or kicked.

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