9th Annual
Moore County Hounds Performance Trial
October 12-13, 2019
Great sport, great food and great camaraderie.

Location: J Robert Gordon Field Trial Grounds, Hoffman, NC


These wonderful grounds are in the midst of North Carolina’s 64,000-acre Sandhills Game Land. The Performance trial grounds are comprised of 9,000 acres of open longleaf pine forest.

There is excellent footing with sandy roads and fire lanes throughout the grounds. This is the native longleaf pine ecosystem with no fencing. The trial is conducted just like a regular mounted foxhunt with multiple fields, from first flight to hilltopper. The only difference is there is an independent huntsman to hunt the combined pack and judges riding up with the hounds to score them as they work. The trial will be a wonderful opportunity to meet foxhunters and foxhounds from all over the East Coast. Come see some of the best foxhounds in America compete. It is always energizing to see hounds thrown together and work so well together in such a short time.

Bring 5 of your best hounds to hunt with hounds from across the country to create one incredible pack of superstars!!!

Hound Trial rules: Hounds will be judged on hunting, trailing, speed and drive (full cry) and marking, per MFHA rules, and endurance scores will be given. Hounds must be steady on deer. No first year hounds, (we know, “your hound is different…steady as a rock…but still No first year Hounds). Game: fox, bobcat and coyote.

This event will be a great sporting fun-filled weekend with outstanding food and companionship. All Foxhunters are welcome, whether or not your Hunt competes hounds.

Entry fees--Competing foxhunt: $150 per hunt, includes 6 hounds & 1 rider
Individual attendee: $150 for the full weekend, $100 one day, riding or non-riding