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The Moore County Hounds (Horses and Riders) are thinking about getting fit for the upcoming season.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Fox Hunting and try it, or know someone who does? Well Moore County Hounds has a great four part series clinic this fall to introduce riders and horses to Fox Hunting.  Who is invited - EVERYONE!!!  This is a great event for pony clubbers, riders of any discipline, Hilltoppers that want to move up to Second Field or any hunter that just wants to brush up jumping skills. Our introduction unmounted session is free.  Each mounted session is $25.

Fall Foxhunter Clinic:

  • huntgroupSun. 8/15  Session 1 will be an unmounted  and free introduction to Fox Hunting.  You are invited to join the MCH Huntsman and walk out with the hounds at 8:00 am.  At 9:30 am at the MCH Clubhouse the Joint Masters will present the history, etiquette and rules along with dress code for hunting behind the hounds. There will be time for Q & A and light refreshments will be served.
  • Sun. 8/22 Session 2 is a mounted trail ride through Walthour-Moss Foundation.  This will be a group trail ride without hounds.  The goal is to introduce horses and riders to riding in a group, and to the beautiful country MCH Hunts.  Horses will practice riding in a group crossing small water, and natural obstacles.  There will be several groups to best accommodate all horses and riders.  The First group will walk, trot and canter.  The Second group will walk and trot.  The third group will mostly walk. There will be experienced and calm horses in the group to act as babysitters for any young or green horses. 
  • Thurs. 9/23 or Sat. 9/25  Session 3 will be roading with the Moore County and will be offered on two dates to best accommodate everyone. The first date is September 23rd and the second date is September 25th. The MCH Huntsman will be Roading the hounds through the Walthour-Moss Foundation for about an hour ride.  The hounds will NOT be hunting and this is a great time for horses not accustomed to hunting to be introduced gently.  There will be many senior fox hunting horses that can provide support to any green horses or riders.
  • Sun. 9/26  Session 4 will be conducted at the WMF Hunter Trial field on Old Mail Rd. This will be a group jumping lesson to provide exercises for riders to improve position, control, confidence and riders security.  And for the green horses they will be introduced to natural objects as encountered while fox hunting in the WMF country.

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Shelly Saaf Talk
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Sunday, November 7, 2021

8:30 am – 2:00 pm
(Rain or Shine)

Lyell’s Meadow
225 Mile Away Lane
Southern Pines, NC

Please come join us for a day of sport in the beautiful Walthour Moss Foundation. Riders from all disciplines are invited to join in the competition. Riders should be comfortably attired, but hard hats are required for those who plan to jump. Juniors under 18 are encouraged to participate, but there must be at least one adult per team. The terrain is varied with excellent footing. Teams of two or three ride either a long course of 9-10 miles or a short course of 5-6 miles. The courses are clearly marked with arrows. There are optional jumps of all sizes. There will be a secret optimum time for each division. Prizes will be awarded to the winners and ribbons given to the six teams in each division who finish with the times closest to the optimum. Trail Blazers will only compete on the short course.